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The Graphic Muse DreamDust II Flames Tutorial

The first thing I do is open a new image sized at 600 x 600 with a black background . I opened my DreamDust II package and selected dust 9. This particular DreamDust layer has a nice wispy look near the top that would be perfect for flames. I copied this layer and pasted it onto my new blank image.

flames effects

Next I reduce the size down to about 1/2 its current size. Once I have it reduced, I copy and paste a duplicate dust image.I duplicate the image once more so that I end up with 3 copies of the dust 9.

flames background im ages

Now, near the bottom of our image we want to start arranging the different layers at different heights. Once you do the first image and move on to the second, flip that image horizontaly so it appears slightly different than the first. You can play with the layers until all 3 are done and look similar to the image below.

creating burning flames and embers

I merge the Three DreamDust layers so that I have a bigger section of flames to copy and paste. I copy and paste the bigger section of flames then mirror it, placing it at the bottom on the other side. Your image should look similar to mine below.

dreamdust 2 flame effects

I'm pretty satisfied with this for demonstration purposes and want to move onto coloring the flames. I create a new layer then select all. I use a yellow or gold color gradiant on this layer. On the layers pallette I choose the color overlay and end up with the image below.

how to create flames with photoshop

That's the basics of creating flames using The Graphic Muse DreamDust 2 package in Photoshop. You can add in as many dust layers as you like giving the appearance of more flames. It also looks nice when you take a duplicate layer of the image above and adjust the widths and heights for a more realistic look. I finished painting this image to show what a final version could look like and ended up with this.

dragon fire flames tutorial

I also faded some of the dust into the air so it looked as if burning embers where flying up. The DreamDust II package has 30 high resolution elements each capable of making hundreds of special effects for your artwork and cuts development time down dramatically.

The dragon in this image is from our Majestic Dragons pack.

I hope this Photoshop tutorial on making flames was useful and enjoyable for you.



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